Anti-fraud system - Fraud Prevention Systems

Fraud Preconditions:

  • Faster payments leave less time for risk detection.
  • Anonymity on the Internet and technically savvy criminals.
  • Large data breaches and multiple attack vectors.
  • Outdated “black box” systems adapt slowly.
  • A high level of false positives creates distrust among clients.

Why Do Clients Choose Safer Payments?

  • The system detects more sophisticated fraudulent activities.
  • It supports a seamless customer experience.
  • Reduces the number of false positives.
  • Reduces dependency on vendors or data analysts.
  • Full control remains in the hands of the user.

Advantages of Safer Payments

  • Scalable and proven solution.
  • High throughput (>10,000 tps) and low latency (average ~10 ms).
  • 99.999% availability, no downtime for maintenance, and asynchronous batch processing.
  • Small footprint: deployed as a single executable file on a cluster of commodity servers.
  • Self-management: automatic failover, replication, and synchronisation; no administrator intervention required.
  • No third-party dependencies, meaning no need for external databases, applications, middleware, or web servers.
  • Horizontal and vertical scaling to increase productivity and availability.

We will provide the best and safest solution for you. Don't give fraudsters a chance and protect your business today!

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