IBM API Connect

IBM API Connect is a system for managing corporate API interfaces that allows you to:

  • Create API interfaces for applications.
  • Manage the lifecycle of API interfaces.
  • Ensure the necessary level of security.
  • Authenticate and authorize users.
  • Distribute ready-made APIs through an embedded developer portal.

IBM API Connect has built-in analytics that allows you to analyse which APIs are most popular among users. The system includes a built-in billing module, which allows you to monetize API interfaces.

The main components of the system are API Manager, Developer Portal, API Gateway (IBM DataPower), and Analytics server.

IBM API Connect allows you to work with all major types of application API interfaces: SOAP API, REST API, GraphQL API, and WebSocket API.

Several useful elements can be added to the IBM API Connect system. For example, you can use the StepZen GraphQL server for quick creation of GraphQL API interfaces (for this, a separate licence is required). Also, for maximum security of your application APIs, you can add the Noname Security platform from Noname Security company (again, a separate subscription is required).

The Noname Security platform, integrated with the IBM DataPower Gateway API gateway, allows you to inventory all your corporate APIs. You can also check each API interface for vulnerabilities in its source code and test them for security.

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